• Gold Dust Wild Herbal Tea

    Gold Dust Wild Herbal Tea! A delicious wild herbal tea with a light dusting of micro-grind Chaga powder.

    Enjoy the fresh flavour of hand picked wild northern herbs blended with sustainably sourced wild Chaga fungi. Wild Chaga is a seasonal fungi that Laughing Lichen has been harvesting since 2011. This wonderful , yet elusive wild mushroom is often refereed to as “Diamond of the Forest” or “King of the Medicinal Mushrooms”. At Laughing Lichen we refer to Chaga as golden goodness! Chaga is said to be the second highest natural source of anti-oxidants and is rich in minerals and melanin. The wild chaga in this herbal tea blend is micro-ground to a golden dust and blended with wild Labrador Tea leaves, wild spring birch leaves, and wild fireweed leaf. All ingredients in our Gold Dust wild herbal tea were sustainably harvested by Laughing Lichen in Canada’s Northern Wilderness.

    Ingredients: Wild Labrador tea leaf (Ledum groenlandicum), wild fireweed leaf (Chamerion angustifolium), wild spring birch leaves (Betula spp.) wild micro grind chaga fungi (Inonotus obliquus)

    Loose Leaf Tea – Caffeine Free

    Available in 2 sizes: 6 g (6-7 servings) or 25 g (25-30 servings)


    6 g, 25 g


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