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Solid Perfume 15 ml tins



Wilderness Solid Perfume

Wild Black Spruce – A mighty tree of the Boreal – resilient and provider or natural medicines and food for wildlife and humans. In aromatherapy black spruce is said to enhance feeling of clear airways, and offers grounding energies. Black Spruce essential oil contains properties that calmness. Both the wild needles and pure wild foraged Canadian Black spruce essential oil are infused in this solid perfume.

Rosemary, Wild Mint and Lavender – out of stock

Solid perfume infused with wildcrafted botanical’s, pure essential oils, Canadian beeswax and coconut oil. Packaged in a handy slider Tin

15 ml/per tin

To use simply apply a small amount to wrist, neck or area of body that you wish to scent. Topical use only.



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Black Spruce, Wild Mint, Rosemary & Lavender


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