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Wild Black Currant Herbal Tea


Available in 6 g (6-7 servings) or  20 g bags of Loose Tea





Ingredients: Wild black currant leaf and berry (Ribes hudsonianum), wild raspberry leaf (Rubus spp.), wild fireweed leaf (Chamerion angustifolium)

Each summer Laughing Lichen conducts a limited harvest of Black Currants. Currant bushes grow wild along the shaded shorelines and under the deciduous forest canopy. The fragrant spell of the currant plant is a pleasure. I usually smell this plant before I see it, and it always reminds me of hot, shady summers as a child growing up at my cabin in the NT. The wild currant bushes that grew along the lakes edge still grow there today and are just as vibrant and delicious.

This tea fresh and full of the flavour of freshly picked Currants.  Wild Currants are not very common in our northern forests and it takes a dedicated stroll through the woods to find them. This Loose Wild Herbal Tea has limited availability so enjoy it while it lasts!

Wild black currant berries and leaves, blended with wild raspberry leaf and fireweed leaf. If you are a “crème de cassis” enthusiast, you will love this tea! Tastes of freshly picked wild black currants. Caffeine-free. Enjoy hot or chilled. Makes and excellent after dinner beverage. 100% of the ingredients were hand harvested by Laughing Lichen in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only. The information provided is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any health condition. It is strongly recommended that you consult with a healthcare provider before use of any new product especially if you are using medication, have a pre-existing health condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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6 g, 20 g, 500g


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