• Wild Chaga Tincture

    50 ml brown glass bottle with glass dropper.

    Wild Chaga Tincture! Laughing Lichen’s newest wild Chaga product. A dual extract of wild chaga in the form of drops. Carefully extracted over the course of several months, this wild chaga tincture is super concentrated and consists of a dual extraction using hot water and organic ethanol (alcohol). Add these drops to your daily tea, coffee, smoothies, yogurt or for best results directly under tongue. Simple and easy to use especially for those on the run without the time to brew a fresh pot of Chaga tea.

    Alcohol based chaga extractions contain alcohol soluble and fat soluble compounds from wild chaga that hot water alone cannot do. Alcohol based chaga extracts are said to contain properties such as triterpenoids (anti-inflammatories), sterols (anti-virals) and ergothioneines (anti-oxidants) while hot water extractions extract polysaccharides (immune system stimulants). Handcrafted in small batches, this product contains 100% organic and wild ingredients.

    What is wild Chaga? Wild Chaga is a slow growing wild fungi/mushroom that grows on living birch trees. It has long been documented for its use in the treatment and prevention of cancer in Russia. Ancient traditional medicine from Russian, Chinese, Finnish, European and first nations in North America discuss historical use of wild chaga for spiritual and medicinal properties as well as other uses. These elusive wild fungi are often referred to as “king of the forest” or “mushroom of immortality” referring to chaga’s many health benefiting properties. Chaga is said to be the second highest anti-oxidant in the world.

    Since 2011 Laughing Lichen has been harvesting wild chaga in remote regions of Northern British Columbia and the Southern borders of the Northwest Territories. Customers who have used our chaga products claim that Laughing Lichen harvests some of the best tasting chaga available on the market! We hand harvest wild chaga throughout the winter months on foot with snowshoes. Chaga has a light nutty flavour with hints of maple and vanilla. As a beverage chaga makes an excellent caffeine free drink that increases your energy resources, fights viruses, protects the immune system, aids in stomach ailments, and helps the body to adapt and heal from stress. Not only is chaga good for you, it tastes delicious! At Laughing Lichen we drink chaga tea every day. Why buy Laughing Lichen chaga? Each and every chaga is hand picked by Laughing Lichen. We practice ethical harvesting of this wild fungi to ensure a sustainable harvest. Unlike other suppliers of wild chaga we do not purchase from other sources. This way we can guarantee the quality, purity and ethical harvest of our products.

    Contains alcohol, keep away from Children and pets. Store in a cool place away from sunlight.

    Please note that chaga contains anti-inflammatory, and blood thinning properties. As with any herbal product chaga should not be used by individuals using medications, with health concerns, or during pregnancy without first consulting your physician. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent disease.The above information is strictly for educational purposes only.

    Suggested use: 0.5 ml (20 drops) 2 times daily – Approx. 30-day supply

    Ingredients: Pure organic ethanol (Canadian distilled potato alcohol (30%), wild chaga extract (distilled aqua, Inonotus obliquus). This product is considered gluten free but is not gluten free certified.





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