Wild Fir & Nettle Soap


Wild Fir & Nettle Soap! The Fir in this soap has an amazing aroma somewhat like a Christmas Tree crossed with a mandarin orange. Wild Nettle is well documented for its nourishing properties and aiding in circulation. At Laughing Lichen we harvest our Nettle and Fir Tips in early summer along the banks of the Skeena River in Northern BC.

Each soap weigh approx. 4 oz

Ingredients: Olive oil, virgin coconut oil, aqua, wild fir needles oil (Abies sp.), wild stinging nettle (Uritca dioica), sodium hydroxide (Used in soap making process but not present in final product).


Wild Fir & Nettle Soap! Nourish your skin with this gentle “green” natural soap. 100 % vegan and yes, it kinda smells like Christmas! The plant ingredients for this soap were hand harvested along the shores of the mighty Skeena River in Northwestern British Columbia. This soap has a great lather and can be used as a shaving bar or full body bar.



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