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Harvesting Gallery

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  1. I’m a harvester but have no clue as to how to sell anything. I gather and dry green moss, I have cascara just turning 1 year old soon, I pick mushrooms of assortments and studied them almost obsessively. I know quality mushrooms and share my knowledge when ever I get the chance. I gather lil wild black berry, wild blue berry, 3 colors of wild shot berries/best for the perfect of all pie berry. I make my own yeasts and wines from berrys I collect when they are in season, bear candy, wild Northern ginsing/devil’s club root, yew bark, I mainly love medicinals. licorice root can conquer cold sores and such like skin conditions. I know roots that help people want to drink water when they have a hard time drinking water or dehydrated. only if I knew how to put my product in front of people who actually desire the wild products I gather. I don’t like harvesting without people who want it. there is much more I still don’t know and will never quit learning about wild goods.

  2. Beautiful website and fantastic products. I’m so impressed to see you embracing all that you are doing. I will share this with my friends and associates.
    I’m not trying to sell anything to you, however I am hoping that you might investigate becoming a B Corp certified company, you have all the right foundations and it could add to your marketing exposure. It is very reasonable and the intention is to create more awareness for corporate capitalism and sustainability on earth.
    The very best to your abundance of success in 2020 and into the future!

  3. Hi I just came across your website and I am a fellow gathering harvesting grandmother who has just begun my homemade product venture. I love your website and hope to connect with you. Sechanalya.

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