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Wildcrafted Tea

Laughing Lichen’s teas are some of the freshest teas you can find in Canada. Our hand foraged herbs are shade dried for optimal nutritional content and freshness at our solar powered “off-the-grid” tea farm and manufacturing facility located in the Northwest Territories wilderness.  We provide the highest quality ingredients and practice both ethical and sustainable harvests. Enjoy fragrant Premium teas packed with flavour, yet free of caffeine, sweeteners and pesticides.

Herbal Salves

Tame your ailments with herbal salves, rubs and balms. Packaged in handy metal tins that fit in your pocket, on your bathroom counter, or even your backpack in case you hit a bump on the trail! We currently offer four varieties of Wild Herbal Salves.  

Bath + Body + Face

Handcrafted bath, body and personal care products infused with wild herbs, berries, fungi and lichens from the boreal forests of Canada’s North. Our small batch products made with pure essential oils, wild botanicals and are free of synthetic chemicals, dyes, and perfumes. 

Herbal Oils

Premium Wild Herbal Oils and massage oils for bath and body. Created with hand foraged herbs and botanicals from Canada’s remote northern wilderness. 

Chaga Mushroom Products

Chaga mushroom products available in ground, chunks, an organic chai, or a gourmet organic chaga chocolate blend. We even have a tincture! Chaga Fungi (Inonotus obliquus) contain large amounts of antioxidant compounds. Chaga is a delicious tea with a light vanilla flavor and nutty aroma. Clear your head and harness that extra energy you need to finish a hectic day while staying healthy!


Wild botanical soaps with pure steam distilled essential oils. Want a soap that feels and smells good with simple natural ingredients?  Our cold processed soaps are gentle and 100% biodegradable. Laughing Lichen soaps can be used as a shaving bar, shower/body soap or a hand washing soap.  All of our handcrafted soaps are Vegan and Gluten free. 

Salts + Spices + Garnishes

Unique wild spices, salts and garnishes from forest to table. Hand harvested and shade dried for optimal freshness. A gourmet treat!

Herbs + Mushrooms + Berries

Delicious Gourmet dried wild berries, herbs and mushrooms from the Boreal Forest. 

Premium Beeswax Candles

Premium Beeswax Candles and Food wraps. Handcrafted at Laughing Lichens off-grid wilderness facility in the Northwest Territories.

Bushcraft Gear

Handmade in British Colombia by Hand Tooled Leather.  These heavy duty harvesting pouches have a wax lined canvas bag that is removable.  Made from 100% Vegetable tanned cowhide, using non toxic dyes and finishes.

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