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Chaga Mushroom Products

All of the ingredients in our Chaga products are either wildcrafted or organic. 

Chaga is a delicious tea because of it’s light vanilla flavor and nutty aroma. It will help you clear your head and harness that extra energy you need to finish a hectic day. This wild fungus can also be blended with other teas, beverages, soups and baking.  Wild Chaga Mushroom is becoming popular in North America as a super-food. At Laughing Lichen, we hand harvest all of our Chaga from Northern Canada.  We pride ourselves on using ethical harvesting practices. We do not cut trees down to harvest, nor do we excavate the fungi out too deeply.  This ensures the Chaga can grow back, and maybe even allow for a future harvest.  We supply our Chaga mushroom tea in either small chunks or ground.  The small chunks can be re-used for multiple pots of tea, while the ground powder which offers a stronger flavor.  You only require a small amount of Chaga for tea (1/8th of a cup will make 2 liters of brew!

Fun Facts:

Birch bark consists of brown inner bark ~75% and white outer bark ~25%.  The outer bark contains fats, fatty acids, resins, suberin and in particular betulin – up to 30%.  Betulin has medicinal properties that are known to benefit human health and immune systems. If harvested directly from a birch tree, Betulin cannot be broken down and utilized by our bodies.  When Chaga fungi develop on birch trees they change the betulin’s chemistry, transforming the compound into a form digestible to humans. Over the past fifty years, the healing powers of Chaga have been well documented, but there is still a lot more research happening and it will be interesting to see the outcome of these studies.  We encourage you to do more research online, and if you like the world of mushrooms, check out the FUNGI Magazine click here. 


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