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Northwest Territories , Canada

Who we are

Laughing Lichen is a family run wildcrafting, manufacturing, online store, training and consulting business established in 2010. We are located 30 kilometers from the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. 

We operate our facility 100% off-grid in the sub-arctic wilderness using solar energy. The products we create are carefully crafted in small batches, using hand-foraged wild herbs, berries, lichens and fungi. 

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Fresh, wild ingredients from northern Canada

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Sit back and relax with warm bath or a cup of herbal tea


Help soothe stomach discomfort and support healthy digestive function


Maintain a healthy heart with good blood circulation


Dealing with congestion can leave you feeling tired and dreary.


Let mother nature protect and help your skin stay young and healthy


Find pain relieiving products for a variety of conditions.


Keep your energy levels where they should be


Healthy natural immune boosting ideas.

Laughing Lichen
What Our Clients Say
4.97 rating (127 reviews)
Verified OwnerVerified owner

This stuff is the bomb! It soothes the winter itchy skin, has a little cooling feeling from the mint which is lovely. I'm also a mechanic and it's helping my chemical/ environmentally abused hide.

4 weeks ago
Verified OwnerVerified owner

I have been buying Laughing Lichen products for a few years now. My favourite products are the salves. I use the Spruce Pitch Salve regularly for burns, small abrasions and on my face. It has also been particularly efficacious in the healing of mosquito bites. I am also a fan of the muscle Rub which has been excellent for my upper arm and shoulder pain. My whole family now uses the salves for cuts and scratches. There are no complaints from the grandkids as the salves do not irritate or sting.

4 weeks ago
Paula M Mccaffrey
Paula M McCaffrey
Verified OwnerVerified owner

I bought this for my husband who has Rheumatoid arthritis and tendinitis in his hands. Sometimes he has trouble using his hands and this has helped relieve his inflammation and pain quite a bit. Now I am using it for my joint pain in my thumb and it is helping.

1 month ago
Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen
Verified OwnerVerified owner

wow this tea was amazing I put Chai tea in my chaga already so thought I'd give this a try so glad I did its my new favorite I drink mine with some honey and milk soooooo good my new favorite thank you laughing lichen!

1 month ago

Just a few drops and it keeps the beard tame. Love the smell! My skin under the beard feels healthy too. Got it as a gift, and I will be buying more when I run out.

2 months ago


Wild = Pesticide Free

In a CBC marketplace investigation of the major tea brands  (link here) they found that half of the teas tested contained pesticide residues above the allowable limits in Canada. … Some of the pesticides found — including endosulfan and monocrotophos — are in the process of being banned from use in some countries because of dangers to the environment and to workers

Pexels Pixabay 247600 Scaled

Harvesting wild berries in -40 and 16" of snow. See video below

Earth's topsoil is in critical danger. Consuming wild plants will not add to this problem

An excerpt from BBC’s article , Why the soil is disappearing from farms,  by Richard Gray.  “The same picture is seen on farms worldwide. Soils are becoming severely degraded due to a combination of intensive farming practices and natural processes. As the layer of fertile topsoil thins, it gets increasingly difficult to grow crops for food. Without altering agricultural practices and urgently finding ways to preserve soil, the global food supply starts to look precarious.” 

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