• Arctic Rose Wild Herbal Tea

    • Arctic Rose Tea
      Arctic Rose Herbal Tea 6 gArctic Rose Tea
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      Arctic Rose Wild Herbal Tea – Loose Tea

      A Wild Rose Tea blend with 100% sustainably harvested ingredients from Canada’s Northern Wilderness

      Available in 6 g or 250g

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    Arctic Rose Wild Herbal Tea

    Loose leaf herbal tea. A fragrant infusion of wild Arctic Rose petals and leaf, wild fireweed leaf, and spring spruce tips. Enjoy a hot cup of Arctic Wild Rose Herbal Tea with a pinch of honey to to enhance the flavour. Alternatively enjoy chilled as an iced tea with a pinch of honey and lemon.

    100% sustainably sourced wild ingredients from Canada’s Northern Wilderness!

    Ingredients: Wild Arctic Rose leaf and petal (Rosa acicularis), wild fireweed leaf (Chamerion angustifolium), wild spring spruce tips (Picea mariana/glauca).

    Caffeine-free, Loose Leaf

    Available in 2 sizes: 6 g (6-7 servings) or 20 g (20 single servings)

    Weight .006 g

    6 g, 20 g


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