Mad Trapper’s Wilderness Bath Soak

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Mad Trapper’s Wilderness Bath SoakĀ  – stand up pouch 200 g

An aromatic blend of mineral- rich salts, wild black spruce, Labrador tea and organic rosemary.


Mad Trapper’s Wilderness Bath Soak

Hectic day? Kick up your heels and treat yourself to a soak in the tub with this wild blend of mineral-rich sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, wild black spruce needles and essential oil, wild Labrador tea, and organic rosemary. Each pouch contains enough product for 2-3 baths. The wildcrafted plants in this delightful pouch support relaxation, and soothe sore muscles. Mineral-rich salts detoxify and cleanse.

Hand crafted with wild ingredients! Alternatively use this relaxing blend as a foot soak.



4 reviews for Mad Trapper’s Wilderness Bath Soak

  1. Amy

    I am glad I discovered the Mad Trapper’s bath salts on my recent trip to Yellowknife. This is my favourite bath salt, love the smell and the soothing soak it creates!

  2. Jayanna

    I love the bathsalt! Thank you so much amy! I’ll be ordering more soon!

  3. line B (verified owner)

    this bath salt leaves my skin smooth, and smells soooo good. Thanks Amy for making it just right. I recommend this bath salt for anyone.

  4. Susan (verified owner)

    So very relaxing- much more so than even Epsom salts. Gorgeous scent !!

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