Wild Cranberries


Dried Wild Cranberries – hand harvested in Canada’s northern wilderness 20 g

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Dried Wild Cranberries/Lingon berries (Vaccinium vitis idaea) 20 g

A northern delicacy! In the Northwest Territories, wild cranberries are a staple and much awaited wild food coveted by northerners. Each fall when the first frost has sweetened this wild crop avid berry pickers head out to their secret berry patches with gusto in search of this delicious wild cranberry. Wild cranberries are loaded with vitamin-C and considered a nutritious wild food. Generally, the berries are frozen or canned for the winters supply.

Laughing Lichen has carefully dried these berries so that they can be enjoyed on the trail as a snack, added to baking recipes or throw a handful into your favourite trail mix or morning porridge. Add them to your smoothies. The use of this dried berry is endless when it comes to cooking. Crunchy and fresh they have no additives such as oils, preservatives or sweeteners.

Each 20 g pouch of dried berries = 100 g of fresh product

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