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Handcrafted Botanical Soaps made with wild herbs, berries, lichens & Fungi. These cold processed soap bars contain zero synthetic fragrances, colors, petroleum based chemicals. What you see is what you get, pure and simple. The wild ingredients in each soap bar are sustainably hand-foraged by Laughing Lichen in Canada’s north. Biodegrdable, vegan, cruelty free and made at our “off-the-grid” manufacturing facility in the Northwest Territories. From Fungi to Lichen to Berries this is most likely the wildest Soap on the market. Each soap bar can be used as a shaving bar, or body soap bar as well as a hand washing soap bar. Our botanical Soaps get better with time so don’t worry about them going “off”. Laughing Lichens soap bars are made in small batches using the traditional “cold process” method. The base of each bar is simply pure olive and coconut oil, wild botanicals and pure wild steam distilled essential oils. Each bar of soap is individually packaged in its owncompostable gift box with a full description of its contents.

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